Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome to the Gooseland Wiki. This wiki is based on a fantasy country. You may role-play influential people in the society.


  • We have a new symbol for Tung!: üT. 'T-' will be used until December 31st.


Economy: Booming

Crime: Low

Environment: Clean-Slightly Polluted (Renewable energy 39%, Natural Gas 49%, Coal 4%, Windmills, water mills (old-fashioned) 8%)

Civil Rights: Few

Population: 19,612,390 (2010 census)

provided by GNN, data from Gooseland citizens, G.P.C., and ) Gooseland Technologies of Renewable Energy


The diplomat ruler of Gooseland is President Bubs.

Stock ActivityEdit

  • 8:05 AM GST(GMT+6) Market Opens.


Buy & SellEdit

I buy 3 FALVCOG for 25.11 each (üT75.33)

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