Welcome to the Supreme Court of Gooseland. This month(January) we are trying Børiz Vlîzår.

Børiz VlîzårEdit

Accused of: Attempted kidnapping of Mayor, President Bubs.

Witnesses: The ISS, who live in the Mayor's Mansion, and Mayor Bubs.

Nationality: Russian / Belarusian

Accused before?: Yes, charges for smuggling drugs and DVDs. also charged for attempted murder of government members and ISS. Has not been accused of this crime yet. He was sentenced to 35-40 years + fine, but he escaped the Helenvillé State Medium- Security prison.

He is now held prisoner on a temporary warrant for 160 days at the Tîgs Town Outskirts High-Security Penitentiary and Prison

The JuryEdit

There are seventy-five people in the Jury. There are 6 choices. so far:

1. Drop all charges: 1

2. 5 year sentence: 7

3. 5 years & fine: 9

4. 10 years: 9

5. 2 years & 400% fine: 4

6. 15 years: 2

Current total: 32.


We have twenty-five votes free for YOU to vote. Voting is open now until January 29th, 2011. If there are too little amount of votes, I will vote and add more people to the jury.

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